Dhanteras 2020: Is it auspicious to buy a new car on this day?

Diwali celebrations will officially start from 13 November with the festival of Dhanteras. According to Hindu mythology, goddess Lakshmi, lord Dhanvantari, and lord Kubera (the treasurer or the god of wealth) are worshipped by devotees on this day. Dhanteras is considered to be an auspicious day for purchasing items like clothes, jewellery. This day is often associated with buying gold, silver, and silverware, and brass utensils as these articles are believed to bring wealth and prosperity. But are there some things that should not be purchased on Dhanteras? What if you want to bring home a new car on Dhanteras? Well, according to beliefs, one should not buy a new car or vehicle, for that matter, on Dhanteras. 

If the legends are to be believed then buying items made of iron, steel, aluminium etc. on Dhanteras can be a doorway to bad luck for a person. It is even believed that those who purchase a new vehicle on Dhanteras should at least not pay for it that day. So, if you thought Dhanteras will be an auspicious day to bring home a new vehicle, we suggest you reconsider. Now, we are not trying to make you superstitious but simply mentioning a common belief among people. But if you don’t believe in such things, then we suggest you go ahead and buy a new vehicle whenever you want to. And if you are planning for a new vehicle this month, then there are some very lucrative deals that you can avail. 

Almost every major carmaker in India is offering a raft of benefits and discounts on a new vehicle this month and it may be the best time to purchase a new vehicle. These discounts range anywhere from ₹20,000 to over ₹2.2 lakh, depending upon the vehicle and model purchased. Interested consumers can avail these benefits in the form of cash discount, exchange bonus, corporate offer, assured test drive gifts, etc. So, get in touch with your nearest dealership if you are planning to buy a new vehicle this Dhanteras.

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