Mirzapur 2 promoted heartland content in the web space and with the series’ second season now streaming online

What we liked in Mirzapur 2?

The premise of the series remains the same- guns, drugs, violence and action. However, the writers have added more layers to the characters and the story.

While we knew Guddu will seek revenge after healing from his past wounds, Golu turns out to be surprise package. She tells her father, “You wanted your daughter to rule Mirzapur. If not the elder one, the younger one will rule the kingdom.”

Both Golu and Dimpy have changed and are ready to kick some ass.

While revenge and power remain the centre of attraction, what we loved was the ever changing relationship between the father and their children.

Ramakant and Guddu are facing their own issues after Bablu’s death; Kaleen Bhaiya wants his heir to carry forward his legacy despite his flaws and Sharad is forced to choose the fate decided by his father even though he is no more.

Sharad’s mother reminds her that his father wanted him to conquer Mirzapur.

The second season opens a few days after the events of Season 1. Revenge is on everyone’s mind, and there’s a huge criss-cross of who wants to kill whom.

Nevertheless, if you have followed the plot closely, you will catch up within minutes. The common ground that every character shares, besides seeking revenge, is the control of Mirzapur.

While the first season lacked a hero-like figure, it seems like that position will be held by Shweta Tripathi Sharma’s Golu and Ali Fazal’s Guddu this time.

When I first watched the Amazon Prime Video series Mirzapur two years ago, I found it extremely kitsch in its approach to storytelling, but as the show gained popularity, I found myself wondering if I had probably misjudged the series.

Watching the first two episodes of the second season made me think of all the elements that made the previous installment a success – loudmouth characters, excessive violence, profanity, and it looks like this time too, Mirzapur has stuck to its roots.

Shows like Mirzapur have a unique quality. They don’t require your undivided attention. Because of the lack of any kind of subtext, every emotion is spelled out.

This makes them quite easy for home-viewing as they don’t demand you to completely cut yourself off from your surroundings.

The second season takes a while to gain momentum. Unlike the first season, there’s no space for humour or even a splash of relief for viewers, which makes the episode viewing experience a bit exhausting.

The only time there is some sense of ease is during the many conversations between Pankaj Tripathi’s Kaleen Bhaiya and Divyenndu Sharmaa’s Munna. Kaleen, who is a don, behaves like a regular disappointed father who is absolutely aware that his son isn’t really up to handling the responsibilities that await him.

As far as the performances are concerned, Mirzapur has a strong cast which continues to deliver this time as well.

Shweta Tripathi Sharma stands out as the wounded woman whose determination is reflected even in her stance. Anjum Sharma’s Sharad seems promising as well.

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