PUBG Mobile Indian version yet to release on Google Play Store, website still under construction

  • Indian fans have been eagerly waiting for the return of PUBG Mobile.
  • The game’s official website is still under construction but some users were able to access the news section.

The last few weeks have seen several positive developments regarding the availability of PUBG Mobile in India. After a ban was imposed on the game back in September, PUBG Corporation have tirelessly been working to bring the battle royale sensation back to the country.

A few days after the ban was imposed, PUBG Corporation had cut ties with Tencent Games in India, announcing that they would be taking over the publishing duties.

On 12th November, players finally heaved a sigh of relief as their two-month wait for PUBG Mobile appeared to come to an end when PUBG Corporation announced the Indian version of the game.

However, the exact release date of this version of the game was not disclosed.

PUBG Mobile Indian version yet to release on Google Play Store

While players are incredibly excited for the imminent release of the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, the lack of clarity about the exact release date has left some of them bothered and upset. 

There were claims that PUBG Mobile India will be released on 13th November. Some professional players also hinted at the same but this was not the case. A number of content creators then claimed that the game would roll out by 20th November, but that didn’t happen either.

Many fans subsequently took to Twitter and several other online platforms to find answers. Some even tagged Microsoft Azure with queries about the release date.

According to the latest sources, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile might launch by the first week of December. However, there is no official confirmation about the exact release date.

The official website of the Indian version of PUBG Mobile hasn’t been updated since its release. Some users were able to access the news section of the website for a specific duration and saw an APK download link as well as Google Play Store option.

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